Krampusnacht, our latest, and unfortunatley, our last CD, is out now! We are currently awaiting our second pressing, and when that's done, it will be available in Carbondale music stores, and here on our website. Here are a few details about the recording.

The Band:
Alex Pape Uncle Drunk Beard • accordion
Benjamin A. West Chordy McGee • mandolin, banjo on "Bella Ciao"
Dayna Hartley Daughter of the Regiment • vocals
David S. Raymond D.S.R. Esq. • electric guitar, vibraphone on "17 Sheets"
Jared Mileger Hateful Jared • 12-string guitar
Malcolm Robertson Right Rev. Mad McMalcolm • vocals
Matthew L. Dierker • banjo, vocals on "Bella Ciao," incidental effects, guitar & drums on "Krampuslieder," "Jericho Requiem" and "Raise the Jug"
Mike Kartje Tazman • drums & percussion
Mortimer Bustos Herr Mortimer Pillowmunchen • bass, vocals, electric piano on "Jericho Requiem"
Patrick D. Rollinson Capt. 3rd class E.G. Grabas • vocals
Tilley Camozzi A-tilley the Huntress • fiddle, vocals on "Bella Ciao"
Tim Beaty Master Beaty • percussion, drums on "Jericho Requiem"

Back-up vocals on "Krampuslieder" • Mia & Sophie Diers

Back-up vocals and general rowdiness on "Männer mit Bärten," "Krampuslieder," and "Bella Ciao" • The Whole Band

Song List:
1. Männer mit Bärten (traditional)
2. Krampuslieder (the Bourbon Knights)
3. 17 Sheets (M. Bustos)
4. The Moon is Crying (A. Pape, M. Dierker, P. Rollinson)
5. Bella Ciao (traditional)
6. Long Cold Lonely Winter (A. Pape, M. Dierker, P. Rollinson)
7. Something Wicked (A. Pape, M. Dierker, P. Rollinson)
8. Jericho Requiem (the Bourbon Knights)
9. Raise the Jug (A. Pape, M. Dierker, P. Rollinson)
10. The Parting Glass (traditional)

Special Thanks to Greg Edwards for the development of "Something Wicked," "Raise the Jug" & "17 Sheets;"
and to Josh Diers for the development of "The Moon is Crying" & "Long Cold Lonely Winter."

In memory of our lost friends 2007 - 2008, and in honor of all the former Bourbon Knights:
Greg "the Chaste" Edwards, Josh "Brad Joshua Al-u-min-ium Zippy Pitt" Diers, Gabe Casey, Mike "Lucky" Lund, Steve "the Dog" Ward, Erin Funk-Dublan, Billy "Billy Bones" Bollinger, Nate "the Red Baron" Krummel, † Sean "Irish" Born, Logan Hirsch, Steve Wilson, Joe Swank, "Old Led Zep Pizza Guy" Rob Yow, Pål "Banski" Rugland, Jessica Williams, and Jeff Funburg.

Package Design: Dayna Hartley, Matthew L. Dierker, & Patrick D. Rollinson
Layout, Graphic Design, and Website: Dayna Hartley
Band portrait photos by Dayna Hartley; photo of Dayna by the brilliant and handsome young Michael Bell
Photo booklet cover & inside collage: Patrick D. Rollinson
BK Insignia designed by Patrick D. Rollinson and Logan Hirsch; Crafted by Logan Hirsch
CD Mastering: Matthew L. Dierker, David S. Raymond and Mike Lescelius

Recorded June 2008 - February 2009 at:
140 Hanna Rd., Murphysboro, IL (618) 684-5876
Engineer: Mike Lescelius

Thanks to:
Mike Lescelius; The Monads; Swiss Family Rollinson (Winfrid & Jen); Sonya Walls; Yoko Kawazoe; Greg Edwards; Chris Wissman & The Nightlife; Sally Carter & The Hangar 9; Ely Lane & PK's; Off Broadway in St. Louis; Becky Malkovich; Paul Matalonis & Kathy Livingston; Craig & Bert Reeves; Patricia Ann Debnam Rollinson; Paula "Rala Rala-Rundah"; Larry D. Rollinson & Paulette Rollinson; Russ Wallace; Tony Graham; Cassandra "Cassiopeia" Solvent & Ross David Hartshorn & Juliett (who loves "Männer mit Bärten"); Wikipedia; Contemplator's Folk Music Site; Sarah and Henry and Isabella; Rob "Lobb" Little; Charlotte Hartley; all the RLC art students; Trenton Sheraden, the Pirate Roadie; India, for all the delicious food and chai; all the Dierseses, including Leah; Byron "Lord Byron the By-ro-nator' Livingston & Familiar Obscurity on WDBX, especially with his help on flyers and the like; The Lost Cross, The Pape Family and Corp Co.; Kiwi, the Dierker & Applewhite family, pépère et mémère Dulphy, Marvin & Catherine Trautwein; Rachel Cristaudo and Nick Stewart; Albertus Magnus (aka AEK) & family; Ryan Mathis; WDBX; The Lord Weird Slough Feg!; The Dammit Boys; Sleipnir; Tickle Penny; The Gypsy Huggers; Hippie Repellent; The Hateful Dead; Whole Sick Crew; The Woodbox Gang; The Whistle Pigs; The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem; Oscar Brand; Pete Seeger; Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill along with Lotte Lenya; Jacques Brel; Goran Bregovic and Fanfare Ciocarlia for the soundtrack to Underground; The Watersons; Bill Jones; Kate Bush; Mary Black; Mary Hopkin; and Ewan MacColl.